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GHST International Inc


GHST  INTERNATIONAL INC. is a newly structured Holding Company  listed on the Stock Market OTC/NASDQ (symbol GHST)  facing the challenges of the global economy, acting as a synergistic hub for growing businesses with innovations and disruptive technologies, sharing financial resources and technical expertise.

GHST INTERNATIOAL INC. operates through selected partners in the United States and Europe, harnessing a network of cutting-edge, technically efficient financial Crowdfunding Platforms, along with a network of management holding companies, incubators and accelerators in the B2B and P2P environment in each representative country.

GHST INTERNATIONAL INC.’s Business Model is unique in the business environment, covering all types of business situations in the full business development and growth cycle, transforming smart ideas from private start-ups into dynamic growth companies and ultimately into valuable public listed companies.



Peer to peer lending (also known as crowdfunding), or person to person lending, allows you to skip the bank and borrow from individuals. You can borrow from complete strangers or just use peer to peer lending services to structure loans between friends and family.

When you participate in peer to peer lending, you’re cutting the bank out of the equation (and replacing it with your P2P service). Banks have their place in the world, but sometimes your best bet is to borrow elsewhere. Peer to peer lending gives you another option for secured and unsecured loans across many sectors including investment property.

If you are looking to raise property finance without using the mainstream channels of banks, mortgage lenders and bridging loan companies then START NOW using STRATOSPHERE P2P Lending.We will work face to face with you to understand your individual needs; together with our knowledge and wide experience of the property sector this will allow us to quickly assess the best solution for you. It’s far easier and quicker than dealing with inefficient funders who simply do not understand, or cater to your circumstances.

If you are receiving poor below inflation rates on your investments, you might wish to consider an alternative, which can provide significantly higher returns on your investment.

As an investor in peer to peer lending you can spread your funds across more than one SECURED property-based project and receive monthly returns and an enhanced cash flow.

Carosella Group

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GRC is the acronym for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.
Governance – The whole set of activities composing the management strategy of a company;

Risk Management – The set of strategies adopted to manage risks that can hinder the organization’s operations or ability to remain competitive in its market; Compliance – A company’s conformance to laws, regulations, contracts, policies.

Consultancy developed tailor-made in a package the main needs of a corporation.

Ozone Int.

ozone int

The HyOzone Hygiene Service is dedicated to providing high quality services to large organizations, small businesses of any type and size.

The company specializes in the Disinfection & Decontamination routine and extraordinary solving all types of Deodorization problems. We aim offer to our customers an alternative and superior way of disinfecting and decontaminating environments, via the use of our specially designed and produced range of HyOzone Generators for the Health & Hygiene industry.

We also aim to introduce the Ozone Therapy for humans and animals, establishing Ozone Clinics in Europe and other Countries all over in the word, following the medical path and expertise developed by the Cuban Ozone Research Centre.



Production and international distribution of a Films Series designed for the Television Networks. Films are made in partnerships with Music Vault Ltd.

This is a Music project. The pilot of 60 minutes (made) and subsequent series will follow the life and endeavours of Ted Owen, who is recognised internationally as one of the World’s leading experts in Music Memorabilia, and has been at the top of his field for 30 years.

The series will be based on a variant of the docudrama genre. All events depicted in the series involving Ted’s work in seeking out memorabilia and bringing it to auction, along with the story of their discovery and sale will be factually accurate. The dramatic elements of the series relate to the reconstruction of historical events where this will significantly add to the storytelling process, and to the inclusion of specific supporting characters which form part of Ted’s everyday world, although these characters are actually also based on historical real world associates.

Ted’s business life is centred around his office base in Denmark Street in London, a famous, vibrant and historic street, where almost every business is either a music shop or studio facility of some kind. Some of the greatest artists in the world such as the Rolling Stones and The Beatles recorded some of their early work here. Regular visits from tourists from all over the world, adds to the general buzz on the street. Due to Ted’s long history in the business, there is already a wealth of high profile International, and intriguing cases and stories to pull from (docudrama elements). However, due to the nature of Ted’s on-going work, there are always a number of current investigations in progress which may result in significant discoveries. These would be included in a more “real time” way as and when they occur (docufiction elements).

William Rodking Ltd

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William Rodking is a Fashion House, based in Sussex, England.

Its tangible activities include the creation of a new fashion, a new image, a new viewpoint, and to be a beacon of high standards in the trends worldwide.

The essence and the aims established during its formation flow toward a re-elaboration, with a modern and futuristic stamp, of today’s style which has decayed in regards to standards and interests.

It is an “old artisan “interpreter of today’s needs, reproducing them with yesterday’s means.

The purpose is to restore old virtues connected to quality, the re-discovery of lost skills, refusing to accept lowering in standards due to the trap installed by the seduction of profit.

We want to reverse the spiral, rekindling the urge to creation and beauty.

A New Renaissance.

William Rodking produces lines of products characterised by a specific trademark and addressed to different types of public and demographic.

Our effort is shared and supported by many other professionals who have experienced first-hand the decline of modern image and who feel the need to contribute to this activity.

William Rodking is formed by professionals, who create their own designs and models, and produce the product supervising every step of the way: the research of the fabrics, development and production all the way to the customer.

We are a Fashion House and we want to contribute to today’s and tomorrow’s society with the means that we have: art and its creation through image.

All of the above, as haughty and solemn as it might sound, is brought about by the spirit of play that each individual within the company bring with them.

The skill and competence is nurtured and admired and above all, appreciated.




This is intended to be the story of a new life. The symbol originates from the Sumerian world, birthplace of our modern culture. The sun rising into a new day, the dawn of a new age.

That one day in which the night is replaced by light to bring a new imprint: life. Darkness is quickly lifted and love is the light which radiates into the new world. All of this is idealised by the dichotomy between black and white.

Blacksmith is the artisan.

In some cultures, the office of the blacksmith belonged to the king, therefore it is considered sacred. In the RigVeda (Sanskrit precursor of Hinduism) the Creator of the world is a blacksmith.

We thought of him, as a consequence of deep study, through the research of the most ancient figure, anterior in all representations which, in the symbolic world of fashion, idealised the concept of primordial, of old, of being immersed into the primordial soup of creation, so, not necessarily clean, but dirty and devoted to work, without stop, involved in creation.

The making of Blacksmith.

A creation which was born through hard work, from the inextinguishable search for perfection in the form, from an absolute and incessant love for creatures which originate from his mind. So, we want to represent a human being of one piece, concrete, of pure metal, though empathic, lovely friend, in opposition to the nowadays representations of a wicked man, adulterous, dirty and smelling of oil. We wanted to go back to the origins, to the virtues of the past centuries.

Blacksmith is then a new creation for the modern vision although still actually wants to rediscover the ancient virtues which were the basics of creation, made up of spirituality, sentiments, love for life and its forms: real things, concrete, and which last not only through time, as they are not part of it, but most importantly because they are part of the game of life.



The present invention is in the general form of an in-line skate. The body’s actuation to Corski Twinline Technology responds precisely as to a snow ski by two simulated ski edges using inline wheels: specifically, positioned wheels mirror the same weight distribution of skis producing a congruent range of turns. All manoeuvres including snowplough and skidded turns are supported on the apparatus. The interaction of muscle groups is anatomically identical. This is both Alpine & Cross Country skiing on wheels and will revolutionise urban travel for some and further tune fitness training technique for others. After fundamental prototyping and further years of exhaustive research to finesse the design into a marketable model a substantial amount of money and perhaps guidance is needed to establish a new industry based on this perfected technology.

This simple principle defines a new era for theroller skiing industry being the first equipment to use ‘lateral rockering’ to simulate the independent leg action on snow skis enabling the performance of everything from the snowplough, edge-setting and carving to the various racing techniques. The overall feeling generated by this product is identical to real skiing right down to the noise made and interaction of muscle groups or Kinesiology, this being the design brief from the outset. There is no other equipment available that functions in this manner.

Simi Stove


The Simi Stove is a lightweight, compact, portable, multi-fuel cooking stove.

The Simi will be aimed principally at the humanitarian aid market for disaster relief areas. The product can also be utilised in the military and recreational markets with minimal adaptations.

The Simi is a lightweight, compact, multi-fuel cooking stove, and is simple to manufacture keeping costs low. The Simi’s design has a Patent Pending. As the main market will be for the humanitarian aid and for disaster relief, using our ethanol fuel gel packs.

Our Ethanol gel packs are smokeless and odourless and non-poisonous unlike many other of our competitor’s products. The Simi can also be adapted to use butane gas as a more permanent cooking tool and yet still remain portable.