A PESSIMIST sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
An OPTIMIST sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

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Alchemy Business Management comprises entrepreneurs, consultants and investors; our core business is planning and execution of Strategic Management for our Partners and Clients
We combine regulatory compliance consulting with a strong focus on business management and corporate financing as key risk-reducing elements with a crowd funding platforms. This combination supports clients who need to upgrade their fundability and provides consultancy clients with an improved chance of finding the funding they need.
Our sectors are headed by individuals with decades of experience in their area of specialization.

Profit sectors:

Corporate Business:  Director – Graeme Daniel
Real Estate:  Director – Ben Beitler
Art & Media:  Director – Melvyn Singer

Non Profit sector:

Social & Humanitarian: Director – Lord Duncan McNair
The purpose of Alchemy Business Management is to manage companies from their inception to maturity and to support and expand existing businesses as they grow, creating value and assets. The final target of ABM is to develop into a Public Company on the stock markets primarily the AIM/LSE and OTC/NASDAQ.
To accomplish this goal, we manage our companies to comply with all regulations in the UK, EU and USA in the same time to guarantee all ours partners, shareholders and stakeholders.
The financial aspect of our component projects in the above four sectors – Corporate Business, Real Estate, Art & Media and Social & Humanitarian – is managed by Alchemy Crowd. The engine for Alchemy Crowd is Stratosphere, an FCA regulated, Peer-to-Peer Crowd Funding Platform, to raise the funds from investors, be they retail investors or more sophisticated investors such as Business Angels, Venture Capital, Fund Investments and Corporate Private Banking, while at the same time sourcing also private donations for humanitarian projects.
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Our Crowdfunding Platform is strengthened by our business long experience in each industry to give to the investors, the enterprises and the humanitarian endeavors, the best level of security and transparency to ensure compliance for financial and legal performance.
We also have the logistic advantage in the state of New York of a strategic partnership with NYBizLab, which is an incubator and accelerator for fast growing companies.  NYBizLab has an agreement with the State of New York as it is located within the New York tax-free Start Up zone. The zone offers tax incentives to qualifying companies and their employees for up to 10 years.
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Our whole focus is designed to achieve our purpose – to provide all the necessary service to our partners and clients in funding, management and regulatory compliance so that we all arrive at the point of a successful listing on the most appropriate stock market.