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The Paradigm
our approach

Our approach is based on the dynamic environment of the “Double Speed Economy” which underpins Globalization; this provides the opportunity to exploit the comparative advantage that exists between different national economies that to date has only been truly adopted by the Multinationals.

what we do

Large Corporations also utilises sophisticated technology and expertise which enlarges the gap with SME’s and this is another fundamental aspect of disadvantage, which we can help to resolve.

The higher mark-up gains that can be achieved from the comparative advantages result in higher profits for the investors and shareholders.
We seek to take advantage of the Double Speed Economy facilitating SME’s located in differing geographical areas to gain advantage exactly as for the multinationals, an opportunity which due to the SME’s size and focus on a single market economy is rarely exploited. There are also many different situations of divergences in the real economy whether it be between northern and southern England, or northern Europe and southern Europe or between Europe and Asia, between Asia and Africa or between North and South America, by way of example.

There are always two elements of the same type to understand a problem. The solution is the linking between them, because in this dualistic universe in which we live, the “unit term” is not made by “one” element but by “two” elements.

The application of this concept is deeply practical in business, because they become the two sides of an equation with variables and constants; but at the end the existence of “Economy” by itself, exists only for the dichotomy of the different needs by two sides or parties.

There is a synergy in the financial line from the seed investing (first stage) and the following fundamental investments made by Investors and Bankers for any further global grow, up to the Listing on the Stock Markets; but in between any next growing stages it lead often by a clear strategic management and by forming JV’s and M&A’ Ops (Equity) or other forms of aggregations, which needs more support of a high level of Business Intelligence following local and foreign regulation. International Sales & Distribution, Financing, and so on are part of this processing. At the end a company, is a “360 degrees micro-environment” for any kind of professions and expertise’s, both technical and humans.

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In addition, to fine-tune a business’ success it also requires the correct timing, low costs and precise speed of execution like conducting a symphonic orchestra in the Hall of a Theatre.

what we have

Alchemy Business Management is a group of international entrepreneurs, advisors and services companies to play the “business” music of the orchestra and to advise and participate directly in the international business arena.

Our approach encapsulates a different mind-set, strategy and toolbox, a refreshing, alternative philosophy.